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The Sexy Part is Coming Soon!


The Sexy Part releases July 18!

A jilted bride, a sexy bartender who loves to come to the rescue, and the worst timing in history. Love is so inconvenient.


One look at the jilted bride with fire in her eyes, and I’m hooked. Of course I’m going to help her get back on her feet. I have connections all over town. Soon I’ve found her a place to stay, a job, and friendly people to hang with, including me.

The timing’s terrible for her, yet I can’t stay away. But how do I convince a woman with one foot out the door to stay and give us a chance?


So here I am, a city girl, stuck in small town Clover Park, where the wedding was supposed to take place. After being dumped on my wedding day, I’ve vowed never to fall in love again no matter how sexy, sweet, and charming a man is. Men can’t be trusted.

Even if Cooper Campbell stepped in exactly when I needed him.

The more I get to know Cooper, the harder he is to resist. But I have to do it anyway because I know how it’ll end—disaster.

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