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„Königlicher Playboy” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich!

„Königlicher Playboy” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich! Polly Ich bin eine moderne, dreiundzwanzigjährige Prinzessin, die sich an Regeln halten muss, die im Mittelalter besser aufgehoben wären. Dass mein Vater schwer krank ist, bedeutet für mich, dass ich bald den Thron besteigen werde, doch als Frau ist es mir nicht erlaubt, allein zu herrschen. Ich kann mein Geburtsrecht nur einfordern, wenn…

Rogue Angel is here!

Rogue Angel is here! A humorous forbidden romance! Becca That one night stand with Hot Builder Guy was not in the plan. Completely unlike me but, in a moment of weakness, I was drawn in by his piercing blue eyes, his charming smile, and his spectacularly muscled everything. It was a mistake. Only the next day he wants my number…

Rogue Rascal is here!

Rogue Rascal is here!  What happens in Vegas follows me home…and it’s my best friend’s little sister. Jack I’m the good-time guy, so when my best friend asked me to be in charge of his bachelor party, you’d better believe we’re heading to Vegas. After our wild night, I wake up in a strange hotel room, wearing a gold band…

Rogue Gentleman is here!

Rogue Gentleman is here! Josie I’m an actress between gigs, crashing on the couch at my cousin’s old place. I won’t be here forever. I just filmed a pilot and, if the show gets picked up, I’m off to LA for my dream job. Only I never expected my new roommate would be the grouchiest man on earth. It almost…

Royal Shark release day!

  It's release day for Royal Shark!! Adrian I’m a gentleman and a card shark, so taking the lead on the new upscale casino on Villroy is a natural fit. I’m proud to run the place, especially given our flagging economy. Except, after a month in operation, it’s been proving to be more than one prince can handle. I need…

Royal Player release day!

It's release day! Lightning struck for the wrong woman, but how can he resist? Polly I’m a modern twenty-three-year-old princess bound by rules more suited to medieval times. My father’s declining health means I will soon be queen, but, as a woman, I will not be allowed to rule alone. I can only claim my birthright by marrying the man…

Royal Catch, Royal Hottie, and Royal Darling release day!

It's release day!  The Rourke Brothers are royally hot and ready for you!   Goodreads links for all 3 books:   Royal Catch Royal Hottie Royal Darling

Clover Park STUDS Relaunch!

If you haven't yet met the STUDS, now is the time! I'm relaunching the series to include a new release and changed the series order to put the siblings next to each other. So that means I have a new FREE 1st book in the series, who happens to be my favorite stud of all time Will in Almost Over…

Au-devant Des Ennuis

La romance de la petite sœur du meilleur ami . Au-devant des ennuis est sorti !  iBooks Amazon Kobo Google Play iBooks Canada Amazon Canada Madison Campbell vénère Parker Shaw, le meilleur ami de son grand frère, depuis des lustres. Ainsi, le soir précédent le départ de Parker pour l’Air Force, elle décide de le faire quitter la ville avec sa…

Chance of Romance Release Day!

CHANCE OF ROMANCE is here! Grab your copy! iBooks Amazon US Nook Kobo Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Happy Endings Book Club series SaveSave

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