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Rogue Gentleman is here!

Rogue Gentleman is here! Josie I’m an actress between gigs, crashing on the couch at my cousin’s old place. I won’t be here forever. I just filmed a pilot and, if the show gets picked up, I’m off to LA for my dream job. Only I never expected my new roommate would be the grouchiest man on earth. It almost…

Royal Hottie Audiobook is out now!

Royal Hottie is now live in AUDIO! 🔥 Phillip I never expected to be the prime target of a bachelor auction, compliments of my outrageous sister-in-law, the new queen. I don’t care if the internet has turned me into a royal hottie meme, I am not a piece of meat. So when the first eager single woman arrives at the…

Royal Catch audiobook is out now!

Royal Catch is now out as an audiobook!  Grab your copy and please spread the word. If sales are good, I hope to be able to continue the rest of the series in audio. The narrators are amazing! A gruff prince in need of a wife A commoner impersonating a princess And a bridal competition gone terribly awry… Gabriel I…

Royal Shark release day!

  It's release day for Royal Shark!! Adrian I’m a gentleman and a card shark, so taking the lead on the new upscale casino on Villroy is a natural fit. I’m proud to run the place, especially given our flagging economy. Except, after a month in operation, it’s been proving to be more than one prince can handle. I need…

Royal Player release day!

It's release day! Lightning struck for the wrong woman, but how can he resist? Polly I’m a modern twenty-three-year-old princess bound by rules more suited to medieval times. My father’s declining health means I will soon be queen, but, as a woman, I will not be allowed to rule alone. I can only claim my birthright by marrying the man…

Royal Catch, Royal Hottie, and Royal Darling release day!

It's release day!  The Rourke Brothers are royally hot and ready for you!   Goodreads links for all 3 books:   Royal Catch Royal Hottie Royal Darling

Erreur sur le bad boy est sorti !

Ce bad boy veut faire plaisir… Erreur sur le bad boy est sorti !  Apple Books FR Amazon FR Kobo FR Google Play FR Broché

Maggie Meets Her Match release day!

It's release day for Maggie Meets Her Match! Get it today: Amazon US Apple Books Nook Kobo Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Add it to your Goodreads shelf: Goodreads

„Eine Happy End Hochzeit” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich!

„Eine Happy End Hochzeit” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich! ⭐Amazon DE: ⭐Apple Books DE: ⭐Kobo DE: ⭐Google Play DE: ⭐Hugendubel. de: ⭐Ebook. de: ⭐Taschenbuch Amazon DE: Endlich heiraten Hailey Adams und Josh Campbell! Doch sie eröffnen mit Villroy Island nicht nur einen neuen Veranstaltungsort für Hochzeiten, zwei große Hochzeitsmagazine dokumentieren auch noch jedes…

„Ein unbequemer Plan” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich!

„Ein unbequemer Plan” ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich! Amazon DE: Apple Books DE: Kobo DE: Google Play DE: Hugendubel. de: Ebook. de: Taschenbuch Amazon DE: Hailey Adams Strategie für ein ungeheuerlich erfolgreiches Hochzeitsplanungsbüro macht sich endlich bezahlt, und jetzt ist es an der Zeit, sich auf ihr eigenes Happy End zu konzentrieren. Nach…

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