Stud Barry Talks

Kylie Gilmore here with Barry Furnukle for FIVE HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS. Barry is the hero of my story Almost in Love.

KYLIE: What’s your best sex move?

BARRY: I’m excellent at role playing. You should’ve seen the first time Amber—

AMBER: Excuse me?

BARRY: Amber? What’re you doing here? I told you, you get your turn in a few weeks, sweetheart.

AMBER: You are NOT telling them about our sex life, are you, Bare?


AMBER: What’s the question?

BARRY: Best sex move?

AMBER: Shouldn’t I be the judge of that?

BARRY: Absolutely.

AMBER: All of them.

BARRY: Really?

AMBER: Did you or did you not make me howl?

BARRY: I did.

AMBER: Moving on.

KYLIE: Barry, how did you move out of the friend zone?

BARRY: One mind-blowing kiss.

AMBER: It really was mind-blowing, Bare.

BARRY: Thanks, love.

AMBER: Thank—oh, Bare!

KYLIE: What would you say is Amber’s best feature?

BARRY: Everything.

AMBER: Good answer.

BARRY: That was a trick question, sweetheart. If I said your ass, you’d say what’s wrong with my breasts? If I said your breasts, you’d say what about my hips?

AMBER: So my best feature is just my body?

BARRY: Err…I knew this was a trick question. I love you.

AMBER: Hmph.

BARRY: Well, what would you say was my best feature?

AMBER: Your kindness.

BARRY: I saw how you looked at my abs the other day.

AMBER: They are…spectacular.

BARRY: So’s your ass.

AMBER: I don’t think that’s what Kylie was asking.

BARRY: Amber is perfect in every way.

AMBER: Aww…that’s not true.

BARRY: I’m a lucky man.

KYLIE: What do you consider the perfect first date?

BARRY: Birding.

AMBER: Bare…

BARRY: For some people. It’s important to do something you both enjoy. We both enjoy birding.

AMBER: It’s fun sometimes.

BARRY: I know when you think it’s fun.

AMBER: I hope so.

BARRY: She screams so loud the birds take off. Be careful about that, serious birders!

KYLIE: Favorite sex position?


AMBER: He’s an animal.

BARRY: She loves it.

AMBER: I do.

Okay! Thank you Barry and Amber for a lovely chat. Where did they go? Oh, no. I did NOT just see that. Get a room!


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