Royal Catch Bonus Epilogue

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Woo-hoo! It’s my wedding night! Time to get down and dirty with my kingly husband after an elegant lo-o-ong wedding and reception. The royal chapel right here in the palace was spectacular—soaring ceiling, hand-painted stucco, gold trim on absolutely everything, and filled with flowers. Plus it has three enormous pipe organs! I can’t complain about the formal wedding, even though I’ve been on my feet for approximately a million hours. My gown is a designer original—a white confection of silk and tulle. I’ve never felt more like a queen before putting on that gown. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that as of today I am the queen. I’m a queen, yo!

The queen mother lent me her spectacular diamond necklace. Actually, since she resigned as queen on the death of her husband, she’s technically Princess Alexandra again. My father-in-law passed away six weeks ago, only a couple of weeks after our engagement party. I’m glad I got to know him, even if it was just for a short while. In his last days, he told me he was sorry he’d miss our wedding, but he could rest easy knowing Gabriel had me by his side. That’s an honor I will never forget.

Our wedding was everything a royal wedding should be. I stuck to the protocol and made sure I didn’t make any wrong moves. The whole thing was televised! Everyone wanted to see the new king marry his future queen. So far, the press has all been good because they adore the fact that Gabriel, who once shunned the spotlight and was very stingy with his smiles, is now openly in love and wants the world to know it.

Gabriel, my most amazing husband, has restored hope among his people for the future. The first thing he did was announce our plans for drawing visitors on a small controlled basis at the palace, as well as day-trippers taking the ferry to experience our future spa with its native-based ingredients cosmetics line. The islanders are excited about all the new opportunities. It will take some time to make my natural cosmetics line a sustainable add-on to the fishing economy, but I have every confidence we’ll get there. It’s my passion project, and I love it even more than the idea of owning my own salon because I’m saving a kingdom, people! Not to be immodest. Hell, I never could get the demure thing down.

I hold my arms out from my sides, still in my wedding gown. “Get me out of this thing!” Gabriel sent away the maid and valet in favor of undressing me himself. My gown has tiny pearl buttons down the back. I need to be loose and free again after all the formality of our royal ceremonial wedding. Even the reception was formal due to all the royal traditions. I nearly collapsed under the pressure of remembering them all.

“My pleasure,” he says, turning me. Then he gets distracted, running his hands down my sides, over my hips, and cupping my ass. “I couldn’t touch you like this before. I’ve been wanting to all day.”

“No? I’m sure everyone watching at home would’ve enjoyed the show.”

He presses his lips to the side of my exposed neck. My curly hair has been tamed in an elegant updo. I already took off the veil and necklace. He kisses along my neck, nipping gently, tasting. My limbs get heavy, and I lean back against him. He cups my jaw, turning me toward him for his kiss. “My wife.”

“My sex slave.”

He smiles widely, a rare sight that warms my heart, and then takes the hint, working on the tiny buttons on the back of my dress. “Why are there so many of these damn things?”

“I don’t know. It’s a fancy designer detail.” The dress loosens around my shoulders, indicating he’s made some progress. His warm lips graze the exposed skin along my spine, giving me a hot shiver. “What do you think of the new guest suite?”

He’s quiet. I glance over my shoulder to find him taking in the room. I wanted our wedding night to be here to experience it as our guests will. The royal fantasy suite will be offered as a honeymoon destination or for a ladies’ week with beauty treatments. No huge touristy weddings at the palace though. Not after the hilarious disaster that was Phillip’s attempt at making Villroy a wedding destination. Two words that say it all—furry wedding. I so wish I’d been there for that.

“It’s romance on steroids,” Gabriel finally says.

“Perfect! That’s what I was going for. We’re bringing a fantasy to life for them.” I look around proudly. Of course, he’s seen the suite before, I had to show it off as soon as construction wrapped, but this is the first time he’s seen it decked out with its honeymoon theme.

There’s a master bedroom, living room, balcony with a gorgeous view of the sea, and a luxury bathroom. Three more bedrooms adjoin the space, each with a sitting area and en suite bathroom with a whirlpool tub. Adjoining doors connect the extra bedrooms to the main one. That way it can be for a ladies’ week or a honeymoon suite.

The master bedroom, where we are, has a four-poster hand-carved mahogany bed with a sheer white gauzy canopy. Lavender essence perfumes the room in a subtle way, promoting calm. All of the furniture is in the same mahogany, all of it antique, with royal blue accents in the upholstery. Local art is featured on the walls with a brochure for viewing more of the artists’ work at the Saturday market by the port. The special add-on for honeymooners—several crystal vases of roses, the best French champagne, his and hers thick white robes, and an assortment of edible body oils. And okay, yes, I went for the rose petals in a heart shape on the king-size bed with two swans made out of white towels in the center. Swans mate for life, you know.

“Keep unbuttoning,” I order.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Gabriel intones before his teeth close over the cord of my neck.

My breath hitches at the erotic reminder, and I go damp. He often clamps his teeth on the side of my neck when he’s about to give me my release. And, boy, does he deliver, holding me back until I’m insane with need, and then hurtling me over the abyss into pure bliss.

He releases his hold on my neck and goes back to the tedious task of getting all of the damn buttons undone. I scan the room with a critical eye. It’s great, but it’s not spectacular. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s missing that special something. A little sparkle magic. That makes me think of my friend Ruby, who used to work for the Happy Mouse Kingdom back in Florida. She’s an interior designer who knows how to add a little magic.

I smile at my next great idea. “I’m going to invite my friend Ruby out to add some magic to the suite.”

My gown gapes open suddenly, and Gabriel pushes it off my shoulders and drags it down my body to the floor. He carefully sets it on the dresser and returns to me, his gaze hungry as he takes in my white lace bustier and matching white lace thong. Silk ties from the bustier connect to thin thigh-high sheer white stockings.

I put a hand on my hip, striking a pose. “You like?”

He pulls me flush against him. “You are the magic in this suite.”

He’s so romantic.“Aww, thank you. I do need to get Ruby out here though. Right away. Before the ladies show up for their week stay.”

He pulls away, a scowl forming on his gorgeous face as he unbuttons his dress shirt. The tux jacket, bow tie, and cummerbund came off as soon as we got here. “We’re supposed to go on our honeymoon tomorrow. You said you’d stop working for a week.”

Gabriel has arranged for me to see Europe on our honeymoon, which I have never seen despite now living on an island off the coast of southwestern France. We’ll be taking in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan because I heard they’re very fashionable, and I want to see what the ladies look like over there style-wise. It’s a bit of a research trip for my passion project, though as far as Gabriel is concerned, it’s all about romance. I plan to romance him so hard.

I work on the button of his pants. “It won’t take more than a half hour to arrange for Ruby. She just lost her job, and I’m sure she’ll jump at the chance to add this project to her portfolio. Then I’m all yours.” I’ll ask her to extend her stay to the weekend, so when I get back from my honeymoon, I can spend time with her and sign off on the suite before the ladies show up Sunday night. It’s cutting it close, but I know the extra sparkle will pay for itself.

He narrows his stunning aquamarine eyes, his jaw clenched tight. He claims I’m a workaholic. There was a time his hard expression would’ve intimidated the hell out of me, but he loves me so much he indulges me. I’m so lucky.

I undo his zipper by way of distraction. “I told you from the start that I enjoy hard work.” And he’s nice and hard. I slide the dress pants down his legs, dropping to my knees in front of him. His cock juts toward me through his boxer briefs. I look up at him and lick my lips.

His eyes are hot on mine, his jaw relaxed, and his warm hand cups the back of my neck.

I make my case. “My passion project doesn’t even feel like work.”

He grunts in response, which I take as a good sign. He’s on board. I slide off the boxer briefs, wrap my hand around his magnificent erection, and draw him deep into my mouth. I love to pleasure Gabriel. He’s helpless under my power. I watch as his jaw goes slack, his hand shifting to grip my hair as he pushes himself deeper into my mouth, and I take him, giving him my all. Within minutes his breath catches, that sharp intake of air that means he’s close. I go for it, eager to give him what he craves.

“Fuck.” He presses my jaw, loosening my hold, and pulls out.

I look up at him, disappointed. “I wasn’t done.”

He pulls me to my feet and half growls, “It’s our wedding night and our first time as husband and wife.”

“Fuck my mouth and then you can fuck other places later.”

His mouth slams over mine, his hands all over me. Nothing gets him going better than my dirty mouth. He rips the ties of my stockings, then rips the thong’s flimsy side. Another thong ruined. His fingers delve between my legs. I’m already hot and wet, and now I’m riding his glorious fingers. Next thing I know, he’s got me against the wall.

He lifts me, and I quickly wrap my legs around him just as he thrusts deep inside, a groan ripped from his throat that covers my gasp. He stills, gripping me by the hips as he leans down to bite and kiss his way up my throat before biting my lower lip and sucking it. Sharp jolts of pleasure spark through me with every touch.

I arch my hips up, silently begging for more.

His big hand cups my jaw, his thumb sliding down to the sensitive spot behind my ear. “You feel incredible.”

I know what he means. It’s the first time we’ve done this bareback, so to speak. We agreed to get started on the heir as soon as we married. “So do you. Now spill your demon seed in me.”

He laughs and my heart expands proudly in my chest. Nothing is better than making the formerly dour grim-faced Gabriel laugh. I cup his face with both hands, feeling his smile against my lips before I kiss him soundly on the mouth.

He’s gentler now, pumping slowly into me. Pleasure unfurls like the bloom of a rose. His fingers stroke down my throat, and my head arches back. He bands an arm around my lower back, tipping me away from him just enough for his hand to slide between us. He strokes me firmly, and I’m suddenly wild with need, bucking against him, my nails digging into his shoulders. He has no mercy, driving me hard and fast to the brink and then stilling, leaving me hanging here on the knife edge of release. The man is diabolical.

“Give it to me,” I growl.

He bites my earlobe and gives it a tug before growling back, “Beg me.”

His fingers are back, driving me crazy, his thrusts deep and sure, angling me just right. He plays my body like a master. I can’t speak. I’m out of my mind with pleasure, my vision hazing, the blood roaring in my ears. I don’t know what he does to me, but I’m suddenly right there trembling on the edge, all of me coiled tight.

“Please,” I gasp out.

“Very good.” His voice is gravelly, scraping against my insides. “I want to feel you squeezing—”

“Ah-ah-ah!” I break violently, my body shuddering around him, white-hot pleasure flooding me. My ears are ringing, and I’m light-headed, my hands losing their grip on his shoulders, but Gabriel has me.

He grips my hips tight as he drives into me, lifting me with the strength of his thrusts. I moan softly, each thrust bringing another shock of pleasure. The world narrows down to the heat in his eyes, his harsh breath fanning across my lips, his fierce claiming. His mouth closes over mine, his tongue thrusting inside. The orgasm sneaks up on me, a soft cry escaping, swallowed by his mouth. He breaks the kiss, his head arching back as he lets go, spilling into me in hot spurts.

I open my eyes, my lips parting at the surprising joy of maybe having Gabriel’s baby.

He cups my face with one hand, still breathing hard, and drops his forehead to mine. “Think we spawned the devil?”

I smile. “We’ll have to try a lot more to be sure.”

He smiles against my lips. And then he’s kissing me, leisurely deep wet kisses that tell me he loves me with all of his heart. And I return the kiss heart and soul.

We barely make it to the bed in time for round two.


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