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Unleashed Romance Boxed Set Books 4-6

Unleashed Romance Boxed Set Books 4-6

Books 4-6

Dive into hilarious feel-good romance!

The Unleashed Romance Boxed Set Books 4-6 includes three full-length novels: Toying, Blazing, and Chasing. Get ready for a male model who falls hard for a female mechanic, a workplace romance, and a revenge wedding date that takes a wrong turn!



When you’re told you’re the ugly duckling, you learn to set your expectations low. So what do I do when Caleb Robinson, a gorgeous model, offers to buy me a drink? I turn him down flat. It must be a prank.

Two days later, I’m working at the garage in my dirty blue coveralls with grease smudged on my face, and he shows up to ask again. I’m floored. What’s this guy up to? Men like him don’t date girls like me.


I’m in full-on pursuit of the coolest woman ever, who’s destined to be my wife—Sloane Murray. Dad always said that’s how it happened for him. He proposed to Mom on their first date. I never believed love could happen so quickly, until now.

Slowly but surely, I convince Sloane of my sincerity, and our future has hope until I bring her into my modeling world. Problem is, she doesn’t fit. And when my career takes off, it’s clear that I can’t pursue the big dream and my dream girl. If only love were as simple as that first thunderbolt.



I’m determined to grow my landscape design business fast. It’s the only way to save the home that’s been in our family for generations. So when I land my biggest client ever, the new inn with a huge property, I know better than to get involved with the sexy owner. Besides, Brooke Winters is engaged, and I can’t risk stirring up drama in the small community I depend on for my business.


Have you ever had such bad luck with guys that you start wearing your sister’s old engagement ring as an anti-man shield? Just me? Anyway, it’s working and good thing too. I can’t afford a distraction when I’m the lead architect for the old farmhouse my sister and I plan to turn into an inn. Everything’s on the line, including our life savings. We have to open on time, or we’ll lose our shirts.

Only I didn’t count on a gorgeous landscaper brightening every chaotic day with his distracting warm smile. Even my dog is in love with Max. I’m made of sterner stuff. Until I impulsively kiss him and—

Fireworks. I didn’t know they were a real thing.

Now I’m navigating a slippery slope, desperately trying to put up professional boundaries while keeping our renovation project on schedule. This will either go down in a blaze of glory or a blazing hot mess.



The problem with Spencer Wolf is that he thinks he’s the boss when I’m the boss. I run the inn. He’s my consultant chef and caterer, as well as an arrogant confirmed bachelor.

But when I break down over an invitation to my ex-fiancé’s wedding, it’s Spencer who steps in to the rescue, offering to be my revenge wedding date. The perfect doting fake husband.

The catch? He wants the honeymoon too. One night, no strings. No effing way!

And then he kisses me, and in a moment of lusty weakness, I agree.

Biggest mistake of my life. Pretty sure.


Face it, Paige, you need me.

The Unleashed Romance series continues with Book 7, Daring, plus more!

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