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Book 8: Unleashed Romance

A jilted bride, a swoony wedding officiant, and a honeymoon trip to Vegas that shouldn’t go to waste…


You know what’s worse than being a jilted bride? Getting a text from the groom that he’s not coming while a magazine is there to cover the event. Shock doesn’t begin to describe my reaction or my impulsive next move. I’m a biostatistician, which means I’m quick to calculate the odds, and I was so sure of him after our two-year relationship. If I could be wrong about him, then my careful calculations no longer apply to my life.

So when the gorgeous wedding officiant, Mayor Levi Appleton, comes to my rescue, whisking me away on a thrilling ride on his Harley, I impulsively invite him to join me on my honeymoon in Vegas. It’s paid for, and my grandparents are expecting to meet my new husband for the first time. And he agrees to go! I would never have calculated that outcome.

I don’t want to disappoint my grandparents, so I let them believe Levi is my forever love. And they love him.

What are the odds I’d fall for him too? Tiny. So tiny it’s ridiculous. Can this possibly be real?

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