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Book 7: Unleashed Romance


The first time I met Gage Williams, I didn’t like him very much. Here’s why—he shot down my design idea while I was pitching to potential clients for work on an inn. I’m an interior designer. He’s the owner of the construction company in charge of renovations. After a few heated words between us, he had the audacity to call me Miss Perky. Grr…the world needs positive people!

The second time we met, I still didn’t like him. No time for an alpha male with a ’tude when I’ve got a job to do.

The third time, well, that’s when he informed me I’d be moving in with him while I work on his home. Wait, I didn’t agree to any of that! Just because I’m currently home displaced and broke. Ah, hell.


Skylar is chaos personified, and I bring order to chaos. Especially when a certain Miss Perky is under the delusion that sunny optimism will save the day. Nope. It’s me. You’re welcome.

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