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The Sweet Part

The Sweet Part

Book 3: Happy Endings in Clover Park

A single mom opening an inn, a local celebrity, and a five-year-old matchmaker!


My plate is full with renovations for my new inn and keeping up with the whirlwind that is my five-year-old daughter, Sophie. So when I meet Mason Shaw, the star of a classic car show I watch religiously for the eye candy (and I don’t mean the cars), I’m temporarily starstruck. Unfortunately, so is Sophie, who believes he’s the daddy she’s been wishing for.

I have to protect Sophie at all costs. We’ve been down this road before, and she was devastated when my relationship didn’t work out. The only solution is to swear off men until she goes to college. I don’t have time for dating anyway.

Only Mason offers free repairs at the inn just when I need them, so a home-cooked meal, or three, is the least I can do. And then Sophie invites him over for New Year’s Eve, and things snowball from there. It’s complicated, and I really need to pull away from this intense attraction. Soon.


I’m not ready to be a family man. Hell, I’m not even thinking about marriage. Not for a long, long time. If I could secretly see May without her daughter knowing, things would be easy. Just a casual thing.

As I soon find out, there’s no such thing as casual with a single mom. My family urges me to cut ties if I’m not ready to commit, so I don’t hurt a little girl who longs for a dad.

Yet I can’t seem to stay away.

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