Wicked Flirt

Book 9: Happy Endings Book Club

Wicked Flirt Book Cover

To Lexi Judson it seemed like a simple plan—pretend she’s dating smoking hot Marcus Shepard to get her matchmaking friend off her back. Even better? Lexi’s heart wants nothing to do with the charming player. Been there, got the T-shirt, buh-bye!

Marcus is cool with being studly arm candy. He’s using Lexi just as much as she’s using him, roping her into playing his girlfriend in front of his ailing mother. Zero expectations.

The rules are clear—six weeks, no sexy times. So easy! So convenient! Until Marcus changes the game, turning their pretending into something far more dangerous—

He wants to romance her. Gulp.

Is it possible that the man who’s everything she despises might actually be everything she’s ever wanted?

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