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Happy Endings in Clover Park

Unleashed Romance

Fetching by Kylie Gilmore

Fetching Book 1

Dashing by Kylie Gilmore

Dashing Book 2

Sporting by Kylie Gilmore

Sporting Book 3

Toying by Kylie Gilmore

Toying Book 4

Blazing by Kylie Gilmore

Blazing Book 5

Chasing by Kylie Gilmore

Chasing Book 6

Daring by Kylie Gilmore

Daring Book 7

Leading by Kylie Gilmore

Leading Book 8

Racing by Kylie Gilmore

Racing Book 9

Loving by Kylie Gilmore

Loving Book 10

The Rourkes

Happy Endings Book Club

Clover Park Series

Clover Park Charmers

Almost Fate Book 3

Clover Park Charmers Boxed Set Books 1-3: Clover Park Charmers

Clover Park Charmers Complete Boxed Set Books 1-6: Clover Park Charmers

Standalone Books

Fanged Love by Kylie Gilmore & Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fanged Love Book 6

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