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Daisy Does It All

Daisy Does It All

Book 2: Clover Park Series

Reality is overrated…

Exhausted single mom Daisy Garner is shocked when her blog about life with Darling Husband and Baby Delight in their charming Victorian home brings a national talk show to her door.

Amazing! Except she made the whole thing up.

Panic! Now she needs to borrow a Victorian house and find a man to play her fake husband on TV.

Travis O’Hare steps up for the role, as long as she’ll marry him for real. He wants their son to have the stable home life Travis never had.

But before the wedding can happen, Travis and Daisy have to get through the interview with a ratings hungry host and a slick producer with ties to Daisy’s troubled past. When a winter storm traps them all, it begs the question: can two people pretending at love finally discover the real thing?

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What people are saying ...

“The characters in this book are downright hilarious sometimes. I mean, when you start a book off with a fake life and immediately follow it by a rejected proposal, you know that you are in for a fun ride.”

— The Little Black Book Blog

“A great follow up to the first book, characters and situations feel real and possible and their connection is palpable almost from the first encounter. A fun and romantic series that has characters overcoming their own issues, pasts and histories to find the one thing we all want: love.”

— I am, Indeed

“I LOVED LOVED the first book in the series, and this one is just as good. I officially love Kylie Gilmore and will continue to follow her now, because she has proven her skill.”

— For the Love of Bookends

“Daisy Does It All was a light fun read. Yes, the characters are flawed, but their flaws make the story.”

— What I'm Reading

“Ms. Gilmore wrote a wonderful love story that's very modern in its feel, and a little backwards by traditional standards. Travis and Daisy might have done things a little out of order, but it worked out in the end. Sometimes, the happy ending isn't really what matters because you know it's coming. Sometimes, how the characters get there matters more.”

— Written Love

“Daisy Does It All is a sweet book with a hint of sizzle. The characters are all very real and I found myself laughing along with them and also having my heart ripped in two for them.”

— A is for Alpha, B is for Book

“If you're a fan of contemporary romances full of laughter, great characters, plenty of emotion, and a great small town feel, you've got to try Kylie Gilmore's stories.”

— Storm Goddess Book Reviews

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